Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First Post, and Trailer Woes

So... put the trailer on that little incline and got the ramps lined up... perfect!

Hopped around the corner to grab the car and realized that the NOT WORKING dome light was on. WTF? The dome light was NOT working when i bought it, and the car gremlins mysteriously fixed it while I was gone. OK fine... let's hope it starts.

VROOM starts right up, sweet! Its foggy, so i turn the heat on to defrost it.. the heat smells like sh**! Another thing to tear apart.

Drove the car around to the corner, got it lined up, and got some amusing comments from the neighbors as they passed by. The first two tires went on great! I got about 2ft up the ramp with the back tires, and BOOM... the ramp drops to the ground.

The car is hanging on 3 wheels, and the ramp is DEAD flat on the ground, with 1/4 of the car's weight bearing down. F***.

I get the jack out, crawl under the car, and jack the back end up enough to get the ramp up again... this time I just set that bolt on the wood... f*** it.

Car goes on.. great! Drive it to the garage for some light and tie the fucker down (granted that takes like 10 min). I finally pull the Jeep around the corner to the front of the house and park it for the night. I walk about 10 yards away, look back and think.. "f***". I pulled the car all the way forward, similar to how we had the Eclipse on... turns out the motor is in the FRONT of the subby..

So i undid all the tie downs, pulled the car back 4', and re-tied it down.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008